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Wow! Record breaking year almost 1500 participants in 2024.

This year’s response from charities and good causes for funding at the 2024 Sawston Fun Run & Walk was nothing short of astounding. The passion and dedication exhibited by these organisations left us inspired and motivated. Amidst the sea of applications, we faced the challenging task of selecting recipients for our support.But guess what? Instead of narrowing our focus to just a handful, we’ve decided to champion the efforts of 24 smaller, local charities and organisations. These are the unsung heroes making a significant impact on our community, each with a unique mission that resonates with our values. By choosing this diverse group, we’re ensuring that our collective efforts make a widespread and meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.


The two major charities to benefit from the 2024 Sawston Fun Run and Walk were Footprints Community Café and Pippins Preschool. If you would like to make a DONATION PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Footprints Community Cafe

Footprints Community Café

In 2001 the charity known as ‘Opportunities Without Limits (OWL) formed a partnership with Sawston Free Church to create a visionary community facility. £500k was fundraised to build a community café that was also a training centre for people with learning difficulties.

The reality of that vision is the Footprints Café which, in various forms, has served the community for over 20 years. Footprints is a ‘not for profit’ company; it is also an accredited provider of services for people with learning difficulties.

Footprints Community Cafe

Footprints is unique in that it offers a real-life training experience for its students.  They learn many transferable skills such as food hygiene, health and safety in the kitchen, following recipes and, most significantly, social interaction with the general public.

Indeed, it is the high profile that Footprints gives to its trainees that has helped to reshape the perception of ‘disability’ in the local community.

Footprints is also a warm and welcoming hub where groups gather and rearrange the tables for their weekly knitting or craft activities; it is their space.  Many elderly people use Footprints for their daily hot meal and for the companionship that they find there.  Indeed, during last Winter it was the designated ‘warm hub’ for Sawston.  The local care homes frequently bring groups of residents appreciative of its wheelchair-friendly facilities.

The generous donation by the 2024 Fun Run will enable the much needed replacement of a 20 year old double freezer unit.

Pippins Preschool

Pippins Preschool

Pippins Preschool are delighted to have been selected as a beneficiary of the 2024 Sawston Fun Run event.

We are proud of our long association with the Fun Run, and have supported the annual flagship event in a variety of ways over the years. As families who are new to Pippins are also often new to Sawston, we explain that the Fun Run is a village institution and how the event affects the village that day; we make sure families feel welcome to join in. We often have a stall on the day – and, of course, team Pippins always run and walk the event!

Pippins Preschool

Pippins Preschool have been running for over 20 years; first in Pampisford, now in Sawston next to Icknield Primary School. Many of our staff have decades of experience in schools and Early Years settings. We accept children from age 2 years 6 months until they start primary school. We provide children with a well-rounded, nurturing preschool experience, supporting their learning and development. We want every child to feel secure, cared for, and happy. There’s a reason we’ve been called a “hidden treasure in Sawston” by our former parents!

This year, the money received will be used to buy two gazebos, for use in our front and back gardens during the summer months – they should be especially useful during future heatwaves. We’ll be asking our families to request that 50% of their sponsorship money be donated to Pippins – and, of course, we’d be really grateful if you could choose us too! Any of the 2024 beneficiary organisations would no doubt appreciate your donation: the Sawston Fun Run and Walk is such a big part of what makes our village special.


First Man
Freddy Bennett , Sawston
Time: 25mins 45secs
First Lady
Caitlin Wade , Trumpington
Time: 29mins 59secs
Short Route
Boys school years 1-6
First: Henry Harper,
Second: Ethan Ashwood
Third: Edward Threlfall
Girls school years 1-6
First: Amelie Crawford,
Second: Freya Pulford
Third: Ailsa Rankin
Main Route
Boys school years 7-11
First: Rufus Jenner,
Second: Ozan Velioglu
Third: Oliver Seaborn
Girls school years 7-11
First: Jesse Glenn,
Second: Iris Lawson
Third: Olivia Abrahams
Men 17-39
First: Freddy Bennett,
Second: Maxwell Buchanan
Third: Julian Ciobota
Ladies 17-39
First: Caitlin Wade,
Second: Chiyomi Ishida
Third: Natalie Ronco
Men 40-54
First: Jared Walbridge,
Second: Ed Mezzetti
Third: Giles Mitton
Ladies 40-54
First: Collette Stadler,
Second: Sophie Jones
Third: Liz Woodroffe
Men 55+
First: Daniel Aguilar-Agon,
Second: Stuart Holmes
Third: Alvin Helden
Ladies 55+
First: Sue Woods,
Second: Chloe Brown
Third: Samantha Hughes

Top 6 Positions

Short Route

Girls Years 1 -6

Amelie Crawford
Freya Pulford
Ailsa Rankin
Marigold Brow
Emily Bandy
Amelie Threlfall

Boys Years 1-6

Henry Harper
Ethan Ashwood
Edward Threlfall
Gio Medley
Jack Legg
Jesse Glenn

Long Route

Girls Years 7-11

Jesse Glenn
Iris Lawson
Olivia Abrahams
Elsie Pearl
Kaitlin Saunders
Florence Joy

Boys Years 7-11

Rufus Jenner
Ozan Velioglu
Oliver Seaborn
Harry Sample
Samuel Caroe
Rocco Gregory

Ladies 17-39

Caitlin Wade
Chiyomi Ishida
Natalie Ronco
Naomi Thompson
Poppy Bootman
Rachel Robinson

Men 17-39

Freddy Bennett
Maxwell Buchanan
Julian Ciobota
Mark Cottle
Tom Cropper
Nathan Sims

Ladies 40-54

Collette Stadler
Sophie Jones
Liz Woodroffe
Joanna Cotsikoros
Sarah Medley
Catriona Buchanan

Men 40-54

Jared Walbridge
Ed Mezzetti
Giles Mitton
Chris Mycroft
Ned Hoyle
Peter Stevens

Ladies 55+

Sue Woods
Chloe Brown
Samantha Hughes
Helen Velioglu
Rachel Allcock
Jane Toogood

Men 55+

Daniel Aguilar-Agon
Stuart Holmes
Alvin Helden
Graham Moore
Jeremy Billson
Paul Cain


Sullivan Smith from Great Shelford sets the pace for Sawston’s 2023 Coronation Fun Run

A big thank you to all our kind sponsors, participants and volunteers for taking part in the 37th successful year of active fundraising. This year we attracted are largest entry figure ever, with 1,335 runners taking part and we hope to raise over £15,000 for our chosen beneficiaries. This will take our cumulative total close to £530,000 that has been donated towards local charities and organisations since the event was started in 1986.

It’s not all about competition though, our main focus is to bring families together for an amazing community event! We have to give credit where it is due however to our 2023 Sawston Fun Run champion Sullivan Smith from Great Shelford, who completed the run in 23 mins 26 secs. The first lady home was Catlin Wade from Trumpington, in a finishing time of 30 mins 6 secs.


Many of the runners took part in fancy dress to add to the fun of the occasion and were cheered on by a huge number of supporters of the event who lined the streets as the runners passed them by in their amazing costumes.
A Big thanks to Red Graphic and Open House Estate Agents for donating items for the lovely goody bags handed out to all runners at the finish, along with their special coronation medal and certificate.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and especially to the top 3 winners in each class. A full list of results is shown below.


The two major charities to benefit from the 2023 Sawston Fun Run and Walk will be the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity and Cambridge Cancer Help Centre. If you would like to make a DONATION PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity supports people in Cambridgeshire living with an advanced serious illness or other life-limiting condition and those who need end-of-life care. Its ‘Outstanding’ services are provided free of charge to patients and their families.


Donna Talbot, Communications and Income Generation Director has said ‘The Sawston Fun Run creates special memories for all those taking part and the funds raised will enable us to keep making every moment count for those we care for and support. Funds from this year’s Fun Run will enable us to purchase 22 Smart televisions with Internet connectivity and built-in Apps that provide access to streaming and other online services. Your support and generosity will enable our patients to stay socially connected and for us to continue to make every moment count.’


Internet connectivity is now an essential part of all our lives. It is especially important for those with limited mobility who are confined indoors. Research shows that providing online connectivity for patients to maintain contact with friends and family can help combat social isolation and improve well-being at the end of life. Donna says ‘We are living in difficult financial times but please don’t underestimate the importance of each pound you donate or pledge through sponsoring someone to take part. You are helping to make a difference to a person when they need it most.’



The Cambridge Cancer Help Centre (CCHC) offers free support to local people facing a cancer diagnosis at their purpose built centre at the Scotsdales Garden Centre.  A warm welcome awaits anyone in need of the service whether it is for information and support, for a therapy, or to enjoy social activities with others going through a similar journey.It offers counselling, self-help courses and a wide range of complementary therapies such as reflexology, massage, yoga and acupuncture. Specialist groups for breast, ovarian, lymphoma and prostate cancer meet regularly providing information, peer support and friendship. It is a safe place and a relaxing environment where tears often turn to smiles and where many long lasting friendships are forged.

Trustee Chair, Ted Sage has said “We are delighted to be involved with the Sawston Fun Run this year and thank all the runners for participating in this ever popular event that does so much to help local charities.  For a small local charity like the CCHC that relies on voluntary contributions, I assure you that your support will make a huge difference to the quality of life of our local communities. Thank you!

In addition, this year’s funds will also go to support the following groups and charities in Sawston and the surrounding villages: Camms Meals on Wheels, Active With Parkinson’s Cambs Group, The DX Club (Duxford After School Club), Icknield Primary School PTA, Anglian Leisure Sawston, Whittlesford Over 80’s Pilates Group, Sawston Air Cadets and dictionaries for students at our local Primary Schools.

 PLEASE SUPPORT SAWSTON’S FLAGSHIP EVENT by DONATING NOW and thereby adding to the £515,000 the event has already generated over the years.

The Cambridge Sawston Rotary Trust
Charity Number: 1051512


First Man
Sullivan Smith
Time: 23mins:26secs
First Lady
Catlin Wade
Time: 30mins:06secs
Short Route
Boys school years 1-6
First: Rowan Alcock, Great Shelford
Second: Will Crump
Third: James Linzell
Girls school years 1-6
First: Amelie Crawford, Histon
Second: Maddie Legg
Third: Emilia Spencer
Main Route
Boys school years 7-11
First: Matthew Smith, Stapleford
Second: Jack Florey
Third: Samuel Caroe
Girls school years 7-11
First: Eleanor Crew, Great Shelford
Second: Lucy Graham
Third: May Sillence
Men 17-39
First: Freddy Bennett, Sawston
Second: Maxwell Buchanan
Third: Niles Beadman
Ladies 17-39
First: Caitlin Wade, Trumpington
Second: Jenny Soderman
Third: Naomi Thompson
Men 40-54
First: Sullivan Smith, Great Shelford
Second: Ed Mezzetti
Third: Jared Walbridge
Ladies 40-54
First: Kerry Kitchener, Letchworth
Second: Sophie Moore
Third: Angela Hoyland
Men 55+
First: Matthew Faupel, Sawston
Second: Shane Cahill
Third: Graham Moore
Ladies 55+
First: Chloe Brown, Hinxton
Second: Kim Moss
Third: Marlene Sharpe-Westwood

A big thank you to Josh Lovatt from STAR Radio who did a brilliant job manning the PA system and also to Cambridge Independent Newspaper for their continuing support. Photos taken by their photographer on the day can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry we’ll be back on Sunday 12th May 2024. Bookmark our website and like our Facebook Page to be kept in the loop!

Sawston Fun Run returns attracting massive entry and community support

The Sawston Fun Run, after a Covid lapse of two years, exceeded expectations on Sunday 8th May with 1,115 entrants for the two charity fun runs. The reaction of runners and walkers confirmed its reputation as one of the most loved events of its type in the county. Organised by the Rotary Club of Cambridge Sawston, it attracted one of the highest turnouts in its thirty-six-year history and managed to raise a significant amount of money from sponsorship for this year’s beneficiaries. Since the event started in 1986 over £515,000 has been donated to local charities and organisations.

Over 100 people joined Jennifer Crompton, the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire, at Sawston Village College recently to celebrate the success of this year’s event and to hand out cheques to the value of £14,225 to all the delighted beneficiaries.

Elite runners, social runners and families completed either the 7.4k run or the shorter 4K route for walkers and the race for school years 1-6. The fine weather attracted large crowds also, who lined the streets, whilst Sawston Youth Group Band and the local Sawston Village College Samba Band provided musical entertainment in the High Street, giving encouragement to walkers and runners alike and generating a wonderful carnival atmosphere.

The start and finish at Sawston Village College attracted huge crowds who appreciated the local community stalls, a fire engine and fancy- dress competition that included runners dressed as a Skittle man, Bananas, Snowmen and a large family of Dalmatians. ‘It all added to the community fun atmosphere’ said the organisers.

Many of the entrants commented by saying ‘the appeal of the event is the special atmosphere created by the community support around the course’ – ‘it’s like the London Marathon, so different from normal runs’, ‘the best fun run ever’  – ‘I’m new to the village and if this is what the community events are like, I’m really glad I moved here’ – ‘ there will be a lottery among our staff to come here next time, we’ve all had such fun’- ‘next time I’ll bring both ice cream vans’ – ‘with the supporting crowds and Samba Band it’s just like the London Marathon’ – ‘one of the best runs I know – will definitely come next year’ – ‘can we be a sponsor next year?’

The overall winner was Andrew Mynott in a time of 24.31 minutes and the winning female was Isabella Shorten, a student at Sawston Village College in 29.27minutes. The first boy from the college was Mathew Smith who came first in his school year 7-11 category. Other winners were school years 1-6 Craig Calver and Amelie Crawford, 17–39-year-olds: Chris Kelly and Suzy Tautz, 40–54-year-olds: Andrew Mynott and Hannah Cooke and 55+ year olds: Shane Cahill and Chloe Brown.

Click Here to See Sawston Fun Run 2022 Video

Many in the community contributed by providing stalls at the venue or their time as volunteers, such as local aerobics trainer: Marlene Sharpe-Westwood, who got the runners warmed up, the local cricket club, scouts, army and air force cadets, members of other Rotary clubs and students from Sawston Village College – all helped in different ways.

Co-ordinator of the organising committee Gerry Holloway said ‘We were apprehensive about the appeal of the event after the Covid experience and we’re thrilled that so many people turned out in support as entrants, marshals or by staffing water stations. We wish to thank Jonathan Russell, Principal of Sawston Village College and the event sponsors Mica Hardware and Boswell Family Bakers. Other sponsors supporting the event this year were Adams Harrison, Auto Now, Adcock Refrigeration, Gibbs Denley, the Hill Group, McDonalds, Morgan Sindall, Red Graphic, Sawston Parish Council, Star Radio, Stagecoach and CityView.

The biggest winners of course will be East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice [EACH] at Milton, Cambridge and Rowan, a local charity that supports adults with learning disabilities. Others local groups to benefit will be Friends of Bellbird Primary School, Jigsaw Preschool, Shelford & Stapleford Youth Initiative, Boys Brigade, Pippins Preschool, Caring Together, Sawston Scouts, William Westley School PTA, Sawston Toy Library, A M Challis Trust, Sawston Girls Football Club, Sawston & Babraham Cricket Club, Sawston Nursery and dictionaries for six primary schools.


The two major charities to benefit from the 2022 Sawston Fun Run event held on 8th May were:

Rowan, a local vibrant, independent charity that provides an arts centre and forest school for more than eighty adults with learning disabilities living in Cambridgeshire and adjoining counties. It offers a safe, creative, and enriching environment where the arts are used as a tool to bring people together and tackle social exclusion. Skills and potential of students are developed whilst their happiness, health and wellbeing are improved.Rose Bloomfield, Fundraising Engagement Manager has said ‘We are so happy to be involved with the Sawston Fun Run this year and all the funds raised will enable Rowan to continue to support local adults with learning disabilities.’

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice [EACH], based locally and known as the Milton Hospice, it supports the families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions. Their care is tailored for the needs of all family members and delivered where the families wish – in their own home, at hospital, in the community or at one of three hospices.Tina Burdett, Community Fundraising Manager has said ‘I’m delighted that East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices have been selected by the Rotary Club of Cambridge Sawston as a partner for the 2022 Sawston Fun Run. The event is a local institution and has done so much to help local organisations over its thirty- five year history, so it’s an honour to be involved.’

Thirteen other local charities and organisations will also benefit from the 2022 event: Friends of Bellbird Primary School: Jigsaw Preschool: Shelford & Stapleford Youth Initiative: 1st Sawston Boys Brigade: Pippins Preschool: Caring Together: Sawston Scouts: William Westley PTA: Sawston Toy Library: A M Challis Trust: Sawston Girls Football Club: Sawston & Babraham Cricket Club: Sawston Nursery: Dictionaries for seven local Primary Schools.

The Cambridge Sawston Rotary Trust
Charity Number: 1051512



First Man
Andrew Mynott
Time: 24.31 mins
First Lady
Isabella Shorten
Time: 29:27 mins
Short Route
Boys school years 1-6
First: Craig Calver, Linton
Second: Sam Pryke
Third: Jack Florey
Girls school years 1-6
First: Amelie Crawford, Histon
Second: Natalia Smith
Third: Madeleine Legg
Main Route
Boys school years 7-11
First: Matthew Smith, Stapleford
Second: Oliver Seaborn
Third: Harry Thomas
Girls school years 7-11
First: Isabella Shorten, Stapleford
Second: Kate Jarrett
May Silllence
(Joint seconds)
Men 17-39
First: Chris Kelly, Abington
Second: Freddy Bennett
Third: Maxwell Buchanan
Ladies 17-39
First: Suzy Tautz, Duxford
Second: Ellie Bullen-Smith
Third: Lucy Martin
Men 40-54
First: Andrew Mynott, Saffron Walden
Second: Miguel Branco
Third: Liam Sullivan
Ladies 40-54
First: Hannah Cooke, Cambridge
Second: Kerry Kitchener
Third: Kristy Guneratne
Men 55+
First: Shane Cahill, Chrishall
Second: Joe Kerins
Third: Gerard Meah
Ladies 55+
First: Chloe Brown , Hinxton
Second: Rose Garner
Third: Elaine Molton

Due to the coronavirus in 2020 the normal May event had to be postponed but in its place a Challenge Event, restricted to one hundred entrants, took place in wet weather in October. Each runner had pledged to raise at least £100 and started at intervals to comply with regulations. An amazing £26,000 was raised that took the cumulative total to over £500,000.

The main beneficiaries were the Sawston Village College Minibus Appeal, Cambridge Aid and Sawston Sports Centre swimming pool hoist with many local schools and youth groups being amongst the other twelve organisations to benefit.

Beneficiaries over the years have included local branches of national charities such as: Alzheimer’s Society; the MS Society, Macmillan Nurses and the Red Cross. Departments at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, the Papworth Hospital, Arthur Rank Hospice, EACH [Milton Children’s Hospice], Magpas and Riding for Disabled. Local youth groups, schools and other organisations in Sawston and the surrounding villages have received financial support for their initiatives.

Fine weather encouraged 1,106 entrants to turn out for the event; John Baslington, a former student of the village college and a regular competitor, came back from his army base to win the race. Sue Woods won her category for the fifth consecutive year and the most successful family were the Courtois family of Great Abington who had Simon coming first in school years 1-6; mother, Sophie coming second in the 40-54 and father, Vincent coming third in the 40-54 categories.

Many in the community contributed by providing stalls,  volunteers such as local aerobics trainer Marlene Sharpe-Westwood who got the runners warmed up, whilst over 30 members of The Cambridge Building Society undertook numerous supporting roles. The Sawston Youth Group Band attracted crowds in the High Street whilst the scouts, the air and army cadets, the cricket club, members of other Rotary clubs and students from Sawston Village College all helped in different ways.


2019 Fun Run V2 from Sawston Cinema on Vimeo.


First Man
John Baslington
Time: 25.00 mins
First Lady
Kristy Guneratne
Time: 29:16 mins
Short Route
Boys school years 1-6
First: Simon Courtois, Gt Abington
Second: Kalle van Paridon
Third: Oliver Seaborn
Girls school years 1-6
First: Isla McCulloch, Newmarket
Second: Evie Randar
Third: Izzy Thomas
Main Route
Boys school years 7-11
First: Maxwell Buchanan, Sawston
Second: Matthew Smith
Third: Mickey Halton
Girls school years 7-11
First: Sophie Brock, Sawston
Second: Charlotte Young
Third: Lottie Kastner
Men 17-39
First: John Baslington, Sawston
Second: Chris Kelly
Third: Thomas Platt
Ladies 17-39
First: Kristy Guneratne, Great Shelford
Second: Anna Kelly
Third: Sarah Baker
Men 40-54
First: Andrew Mynott, Saffron Walden
Second: Ralph Minter
Third: Vincent Courtois
Ladies 40-54
First: Elizabeth Woodroffe, Linton
Second: Sophie Courtois
Third: Susan Killoughery
Men 55+
First: Danie Aguilar-gon, Newmarket
Second: Shane Cahill
Third: Paul Corey
Ladies 55+
First: Sue Woods, Sawston
Second: Jo Harvey
Third: Alison Webb

The event concluded at a July presentation evening when cheques totalling £11,600 were presented to the major beneficiary Cambridge Cancer Help Centre and to the Footprints Café, Icknield Primary School, Sawston Youth Drama, Sawston Youth Group, Granta School, Pippins Pre-school, Sawston Cinema Club, 1st Sawston Guides, Sawston Sports Centre, Whittlesford U.R.C. over-70s, St Mary’s, Sawston, Whitsers Playgroup and the Ladybird Playgroup of Thriplow. In addition, six local primary schools received Dictionaries for Life for a school year of their choice.